Brianna Contreras

                                                                                                      Rafael Castor


                        We will rise together, and we will fall together!

Constitution of



The name of our country will be Bitra.


The purpose of this country is to provide our people with happiness, education, and love.

We want our country to always stay united. We will all look alike, think alike, and act alike. Our country will be better than any other country. Our country will be more educated than any other. We shall always be the best.


To be a citizen in this amazing country you must be born in Bitra. Citizens must obey all rules. Citizens will be loving, caring, and happy at all times. Citizens will not show any acts of hatred or violence. Citizens will treat our leader with nothing but respect. If any any citizens do not follow any of these rule they may be deported or executed.


In charge in of our country is Zac Efron, our god. Whatever he says goes. We must obey him always. Our government is monarchy. We are ruled by Zac Efron. He will make all the decisions. and choices of the country. Our government will only be ruled by Zac Efron. No one will ever overrule Zac Efron.


The responsibility of the government is to ensure that the people follow the rules for a better life style. The government is letting people have happiness and care plus lots of love. The responsibilities of the people is to show love to their king.


  1. Respect the KING.
  2. Zac is always right.
  3. Treat the city with respect.
  4. Always enjoy every moment.
  5. You can't ditch school or you will be kicked out for life.
  6. IF you work for the government you get fridays off.
  7. Lights out at 10:45.
  8. No drugs or alcohol.
  9. Must exercise an hour a day and eat right.
  10. Have fun and smile more.


Education will highly influenced. We will strive to be the most educated. Education will be free for primary and secondary. Citizens will only pay for post-secondary. All citizens must be educated, if not then may be deported or executed.


Our flag has happy face and crown, the colors are black, red, and yellow. The happy face represents happiness and being lighthearted. The red and the black symbolize the good and the bad.


Zac Efron is our leader, he is our king, and he is our god. We must always obey what he says.


Bitra's Flag Color Symbolism

Red: The good               Black: The bad

                      Yellow: Joy and Happiness



                            OUR LEADER, OUR KING, AND OUR GOD

Our leader, Zac Efron, is the only one in charge of Bitra. Every decision he makes is the best for our country. He wants to help and educate everyone in Bitra. Zac Efron wants everyone to strive for perfection. 


Zac Efron is our leader. He is the wisest in our country. Mr. Efron was born October the eighteenth of the year 1984. He is a descendant of Aaron and Joanna Efron. Zac Efron was born and raised in Agatchu, till the age of twelve. At the age of twelve Zac, and his parents moved to Efrica, to discover their relatives ruled Efrica. Living in Efrica,. Zac efron was very intelligent and had great ideas to make Bitra better. At age thirteen his parents died in a car crash, he was the only one that survived the accident. By age fifteen he was attending college, and was smarter than most of the people in his class. By age eighteen he had graduated from college and was the inventor of the IZac, which is the first touch screen telephone. Zac had made millions of dollars from the I Zac, he used this money to build the reconstruction rooms, this would help his people to get a better education and have a better life. At age 25 he had become the youngest person to become rich, he had invented the next generation of tech that was so advanced other countries were at least twenty years behind the tech that bitra had. Tragedy happens and the efron mansion was burned to the ground, Zac had suffered major injuries but was the last efron to life after the fire. Months after efron got better and went to speak in front of his people and declared to have major walls built around the country so that we can stay united and keep the dangers outside. At age 30 Zac has built one of the most educated countries and nothing can compete against the highly educated people. To this very day Bitra will always be on top, thanks to our leader Zac Efron.


To our city, to our future

To our educated people!

We only have leaders who see the good in Bitra,

Oh, Bitra the great.

The city of the future,

and our future is imperative

We shall be the best,

and achieve so many great hings.

We the nation of Bitra,

are united and stand as one.

If we fall, we will only fall together.

If we rise, we will only rise together.

Bitra will forever be the greatest.

Bitra, Bitra, Oh Bitra


Reconstruction rooms are a place that people go when in need of serious help. Rooms make Bitra a better place. People may not see the right way as our leader does, so they may visit the rooms. The reconstruction rooms will help people to get a better education and have a better life. If people refuse going to school or following the rules of Bitra, one can go to the reconstruction rooms. Reconstruction rooms have three stages. The first stage is mental preparedness. People that work in the rooms are very good at curing the patients. So in the first stage they will find out the problem and what is causing it. They do this by giving 3 exams. The very first exam is to find out everything about the patient, it is very important to know who is going to be treated. The second exam is very simple and painless, it just figures out why the patient is refusing to obey the rules. The third and final test is an exam on how to help the patient, every patient is different and they have different ways of being treated. The second stage in the rooms is curing the patients. The workers in the rooms are very kind and want every patient to get better. Every patient enjoys being treated and cured, they find it fun and exciting to get over there disease. The workers will help the patients do exercises for the mind. Also, during the second stage workers will make sure the patients are happy, fed, and work out everyday. The third and last stage is a test. The patient does not know when will the test will be or will not know what test is. The test varies depending on the patient’s case. If the patient passes the test, they will be released from the rooms, and if they fail they will be sent through the whole process again. The reconstruction room simply makes one healthier mentally and physically.

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