Health Science, Forensic Pathologist.

1. Many days for a forensic pathologist can last from 10-12 hours while examining a case.

2. Typical salaries range from $100,000 all the way to over $500,000. The typical hourly pay is $77.64 an hour.

3. Forensic Pathologist determines unexplained causes of death

4. Forensic pathologists work with assistants, police photographers, toxicologists and forensic dentists. Together with other experts, pathologists collect evidence from the body, such as blood, stomach contents, bile, organs, brains, nail clippings, hair and urine, to help in their investigation.

5. Some of the work can involve decomposing or mutilated bodies, so forensic pathologists need to have strong stomachs. Much of their work can be unpleasant and even disturbing, so it's not a job for the squeamish.

Human services, Hair dresser/cosmetologist

1. The average yearly salary is $27,620

2. They're profession is in hair and makeup.

3. Hairdressers cut, style and color hair, and they may also perform permanent wave, straightening and bleaching treatments.

4. Hairdressers have the ability to find employment in a wide variety of settings, including salons, hotels and day spas. Additionally, the opportunity for entrepreneurship exists in hairdressing, and professionals can open their own businesses.

5. Cosmetologists must successfully graduate from an accredited cosmetology training program. Cosmetology education includes coursework and practical training under the supervision of licensed cosmetology instructors

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security, Criminal Investigator and Special Agent

1. Average salary is $53,870

2. The FBI requires applicants to be in excellent physical health and pass hearing and vision tests. Other physical requirements for the job vary. Special agents have to be physically able to carry and fire a gun.

3. Take and analyze evidence.

4. Take pictures, collect evidence and study the crime scene.

5. They are also known in the field of Forensics.