Israel-Palestine Conflicts

By Daniel Scott


For a very long time, there have been menu disputes over the holy land in present day Israel. Ever since the creation of Israel in the 1940s, there have been many disputes over the land east of the Mediterranean. Currently as of this moment, there are 2 current countries within each other, attempting to have control over the holy land and Jerusalem. These countries are Israel and Palestine. While there is no declared war going on as of this moment, there have been multiple uses of weapons by both countries, and many people have died. Most deaths are those of civilians.

The two counties involved in this conflict are both Palestine in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and Israel. While the fighting is between these two countries, many other countries have attempted to intervene. The U.S.


The current conflict is being fought between rebels of both countries, that feel a strong hate towards the other. The attacks include missile firings, bombings and shootings. While there is no declared war, there definitely is a deadly conflict going on. This conflict is most commonly caused over disputes about holy lands. Both sides believe that God has entrusted their country to a specific land, and neither side would like to share this land with the other.


As of this moment, the only solution is a two state solution, which states that in the end, two distinct countries or states will be formed in the current lands they both occupy. Although, as of this moment, neither side has been willing to sign a cease fire, and the fighting will continue without an end in sight.


The following link is to a crash course video that explains the history of the conflict and why it is happening.

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