Mexico is an amazing country. It can be found in Central America surrounded by the U.S., Guatemala, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. Mexico has a population of 122.33 million and the major language spoken in this country is Spanish. Mexico’s capital is Mexico City, which has a population of 8.86 million. Mexico has many landmarks. For example, there’s the Basilica of Guadalupe, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Fort of San Juan de Ulua, and the Great Pyramid of Cholula. Mexico also has many canyons, mountains, and other landforms such as Copper Canyon, the altiplano, Lake Chapala, and the Algodones Dunes. Mexicans usually wear similar clothing as us, but in hotter places, they make their clothes out of light cotton or jute. Mexicans listen to Salsa, Mariachi and Norteño, and the major holidays in Mexico are Dia de los Muertos, Dia de la Raza, and Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. Most people in Mexico are Roman Catholic. Mexico also has great food, like tacos and burritos. Tacos usually have meat and cheese in them, but one can add more toppings if desired. Burritos are the same, but they are shaped differently. Mexico used to have an unlimited government, but it is limited. Mexicans like to do the same things we do for entertainment, like playing sports and watching TV. Even though Mexico is oil rich, most of it's people are very poor.

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