The southern colonies

Your life is a beach here in the southerns

The southern colonies include Maryland, virginia, North and South carolina, Georgia. This is a great place to live! Mild winters and Hotter summers. Nice beaches to spend time next to the blue ocean to eat or get in the water to cool off.

Benefits of the climate

Now in the southerns the beaches are nice. It is always nice with the weather really never getting under 50 degrees with the sun almost always out for a great day outdoors. Alos great features of mountains,forests and of course the beautiful ocean.

Great things about the  agriculture

The southern colonies have these kinds of fish coming out of there water. This could feed a family of four for at least three days! The fishing is good because there is a lot of water around the southern colonies perfect for catching fish. Also the soil is great for farming. The soil is better than New Englend colonies has rocky soil hard to plant. Southern has rich soil that helps us all plant crop so much easier


Now you can make this meal with all the things here like the agriculture we do lots of fishing and farming. Fishing because there is a big ocean and many rivers in the southerns also really good, rich soil for farming almost anything you would like. Also we do lots of lumbering because of our forests and many trees we can use for homes and other things. You will have no problem finding work because we have so many things you can do.

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