You failed? AWESOME!!!

I wanted to reflect back on some work I did with my good friend Chad Williamson of @nobleimpact. The original post can be found on their website. However, today while taking part in some military training I was reminded of this.....

Chad and his team of Clinton School of Public Service graduates are redeveloping the way that high school students view public service and entrepreneurship to create positive social change. I urge you to check them out…they are doing big things. @nobleimpact

When Chad and I get together, we spare no white board, notebook, or napkin as they all get saturated with ideas. But the ideas are not all great, and some just simply suck. The difference for us is that we are part of an ever-growing culture of educators, mentors and advocates who teach others to embrace, cherish and strive for failure.

Strive for failure? Yea! Of course people.

What if we could all start talking about failure the same way we talk about success?

Try looking at your startup or next project and instead of setting milestones based on your successes, set your milestones based on failures.

It is not to fault anyone before us that this is the model to cling to. I mean hell, it makes you feel good right?

It is however, our mission to be catalysts for change.

Michael Jordan always talks of how he was cut from a basketball team in high school. News flash…being cut is what has made him the greatest basketball player in history. He experienced what failure felt like and never wanted to feel that again. More importantly he learned from it.

(Thanks Ben and Tim for that priceless insight)

Here is your mission…

Go out and create a Failure Journal. Then follow these three steps.

  • 1) Write down every time you fail (don’t be afraid its ok).
  • 2) Reflect on how it happened and how it made you feel and learn from it.
  • 3) Make mistakes but in order to be successful you have to learn from them!
How do you measure failure? I would love to know.