French Onion Soup

French 2 -- Parker Overby -- Hour 4

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Parker. Je vais faire French Onion Soup.

d’ingrédients et d’ustensiles --
1 bâton de beurre
1/4 c huile d’olive
8 c ongion émincé
2 boîtes de bullion de boeuf
2 t thym
sel et poivre
8 tranches de pain français
8 tranches de fromage provolone
4 tranches de fromage suisse
1 c parmesan râpé
le pot
le cullier

Instructions --
D’abord fondre le beurre et ajouter les oignons. Puis ajouter bullion de boeuf. Finalement mettre du pain et du fromage sur le dessus et le mettre dans le gril. Voilà!


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3 years ago

French onion soup was thought to be first created by King Louis XV. They figured cooking the onions and a liquid was as cheap as someone could get. Since they grow very well in soil. (poor man’s food) It then was elevated when people figured to put some sort of wine or sherry in it, top it with cheese, and eat it with a good french bread. It is from France. (obviously) It’s more seen as an everyday food, for pretty much anyone. You could use some more high end ingredients if you want, or it is still good with regular stuff. French onion soup is good on a cold winter night for dinner. It is very simple and easy to make, with most ingredients most people already have at home.