F. Scott Fitzgerald

- My name is Integra Thomas.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald ( Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald)

- Fitzgerald was named after his famous second cousin, three times removed, but was referred to by the family moniker Scott Fitzgerald . He was also named after his deceased sister, Louise Scott, one of two sisters who died shortly before his birth. "Well, three months before I was born," he wrote as an adult, "my mother lost her other two children ... I think I started then to be a writer."His parents were Mollie (McQuillan) and Edward Fitzgerald. His mother was of irish decent, and his father had Irish and English ancestry.

- He was born on September 24, 1896 in St.Paul, Minnesota and died on December 21, 1940 at the age of 44 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

- Fitzgerald was catholic just like both of his parents.

- His political view would be considered as him as a writer.

- After graduating from Newman school in 1913, Fitzgerald decided to stay in New Jersey to continue his artistic development at Princeton University. Fitzgerald's writing pursuits at Princeton came at the expense of his coursework. He was placed on academic probation, and in 1917 he dropped out of school to join the U.S. Army. Afraid that he might die in World War I with his literary dreams unfulfilled, in the weeks before reporting for duty Fitzgerald hastily wrote a novel called The Romantic Egotist. Although the publisher Charles Scribner's Sons rejected the novel, the reviewer noted its originality and encouraged Fitzgerald to submit more work in the future


- Basically after not going to the army and working on car roofs Fitzgerald real career was him being a writer!

- His highest education level was college.

- He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald.

Zelda Fitzgerald.

Five people that would have been there friend

1. Al Capone

2. Babe Ruth

3. Albert Einstein

4. Duke Ellington

5. Coco Chanel

" I hope you live a life, you're proud of "  

                                              - F Scott Fitzgerald

1. Fitzgerald had been an alcoholic since his college days, and became notorious during the 1920s for his extraordinarily heavy drinking, leaving him in poor health by the late 1930s.

2. Fitzgerald suffered two heart attacks in the late 1930s.

3. Fitzgerald died before he could complete The Love of the Last Tycoon

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