1. Right when you get your Chromebook and the charger put it in the case and hold it with TWO hands. Next, put three tags on their with your name put them on the back of the Chromebook, on another tag on the case tying it very tight, and the last one on the charger. Then, go to Mrs. Hanes and check it out. After that, go to your classroom and if it is low battery plug it in your cubby  using your charger. Finally, you are ready for setup.  

2. When you get to your classroom turn it on with the power button or open the Chromebook up. Next, create an account using the create a new account icon in the welcoming screen. Then, put your name and password (don't forget it) and you will take a photo of yourself for your profile picture.

3. Now when you are logged in you can change your background going to settings then scroll down until you see it and you can change it to a variety of backgrounds. Next, you can change the darkness on the the sun button (the big sun makes it brighter the little sun makes it smaller). The same with the volume and the one with the slash through the speaker means mute. Then, go to the red, green, yellow, and blue thing and open it up this is Google chrome search (the blue Google app is just Google search. After that, you can buy apps in the Google app store (click the square thing by the google chrome app and then click the shopping bag) here you buy apps similar to the App store on Apple devices. Finally, the triangle thing is for Google slides, docs, forms, folders, etc. (kind of like Microsoft power point, word, etc.

It is the first day you have your Chromebook and was setting it up at Library, because that was the elective right after you received the Chromebook and leave it there, but the next day a third grader claims it is his, because he had Library too and his is “gone” also. And if you don’t find your Chromebook in a week you will have to pay your parents $100 and be grounded for two whole weeks.. You show the problem to Mrs.Lawson and she finds out there is one difference on the Chromebook… In the case there was three tags in it and it says your name (in Library you put them in their, because you did not have enough time). And the third grader actually did not have one yet and had to clip down to orange.

The Chromebook uses keyboard and the iPad uses touch screen. The Chromebook uses G mail and the iPad uses Email. The Chromebook uses the Google Chrome store and the iPad uses Apple app store. The Chromebook is made by Google and the iPad is made by Apple inc.                                                                                                                                                                               They both use the open internet for questions and answers. They both need to charge over time. Both need WiFi to have access to the internet and store. They both have cases you can buy.

You see something inappropriate on the Internet and you click it multiple times and look at it (and think it is awesome), so you tell your friend, but he tells the teacher on you.

The first time the teacher comes over and says you are banned from computers at free time. The next time the teacher bans you from other computers and makes you talk to the principle about it. The third time the teacher comes over to you and says you cannot have computer rights, makes you clip down to red, makes you call your parents, and you are in OSS for ten days.After school you come home and your parents have heard what happened today and tell you you are banned from electronics for two whole weeks and is grounded for two whole months (And you feel sad for yourself)our computer blanks out at a random time, but the battery was at a 100% and you tell your friend and he says talk to the teacher.

You tell the teacher and she tells the computer guy and he fixes it. After that, your teacher says you did the right thing, so you got to clip up (or dojo up) and she tells you when it blanks out again tell the computer guy to help.

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