Football Essentials To Know How To Play

    Crack!Do you want to play football and get better or do you just want to learn how to play well your reading the right paper. In this paper I will be talking to you about... Trowing,tackling,catching,and sportsmanship.

    How to have sportsmanship. when you have sportsmanship you should shake the other teams hand or hive five them on a good play.   If you have sportsmanship you could win an award for having the most sportsmanship or maybe you wont but have sportsmanship.

    When you go to tackle someone you should go for their legs or waist. Also the most important thing to remember is that you need to hold on tight. Because all of the people that you are trying to tackle will be running.

    When catching you need to put your hands in a triangle sort of shape.Also when Catching make sure you grip the ball and tuck in your arm as tight as you can so, when running you can have a better chance of not letting the defense strip the ball.

    when throwing you need to throw the ball pretty accurate so that the person that is trying to catch the ball has a better chance at catching the ball.  Also when you throw the ball you need to put your throwing arm at a 45 degree angle before you throw so that the ball will go farther and follow through when you through and try to throw a spiral.

   I hope you enjoyed this Tackk I spent a lot of time and I remember football is not a sport for everyone to play.


Accurate:Ballpark Range

Follow Through:Keep moving in the same direction

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