My Happiest Memories

One of my happiest childhood memories is the birthday of my little sister. That day was very special for the family because my dad could come. He was a very busy person. If you ask me he worked all the day. Well, that day was fun because I played with my sister. She used to be very funny and entertaining. My family and I sang happy birthday to my sister. Then we ate a lot of candy and cake, and after that we had a strong stomach ache. This memory always makes me smile because the whole family have a great time. We used to celebrate all the birthdays of the family but now we have grown and we can’t do it anymore.

My brother and I used to play soccer when were kids. We played soccer near to my house. While we were playing I could score a goal. Since I was little child, I couldn't beat my brother. But that day I won. I was very happy to beat my brother. But It seems to me that he let me win. After playing, we went to eat ice cream with my mom. Today I still like to play football, but now I am in college and work that I can only play on the weekends with my coworkers.

When I was little I used to participate in activities at my school. I was  part of the  father's day performance. As I was a little kid, I just sing with all my friends. I also remember my teacher; she was a very kind person. If you ask me she was one of the best teachers in the school for me. That performance was a happy memory because my father could go to the show and he was very happy. Then, we went to eat at a restaurant and  I have a good time with my dad. Actually, I don’t talk a lot with my father because he lives in Spain.

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