Civil War and Genocide in the Balkans

Notes through News

Srebinka Genocide Memorial

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Winter Olympics 1984

Map of Yugoslavia, January 1991

June 1991, Croatia and Slovenia secede from Yugoslavia

Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the UK

March 1992, Bosnia declares independence from Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia begins military action to maintain Bosnia.

The Siege of Sarajevo, April 1992-February 1996

Srebenica Massacre, July 1995

Slobodan Milosevic

Concentration Camps, Bosnia, 1992-1995

Dayton Agreement, 1995

Kosovo War and Genocide, 1998-1999

USA and NATO get involved in fight for Kosovo, 1998

Kosovo declares independence from Serbia in 2008 with the USA's support.

Big Question---Which is more important: ethnic or national pride? Heritage or country?

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