Create an Assignment with Tackk.

Looking for a new way to integrate technology into the classroom or just a way to make assigning new material to students easier? You can create assignments quickly and easily on Tackk. Make sure to include all of the assignment details for your students and even have them submit their work by making their own Tackks.

Step 1: Get started.

Use this template to get started with making your Tackk.

STEP 2: Start editing.

Click anywhere within the Assignment Tackk and begin to edit the different sections. If you want to add a piece of content, click and drag the + button (on the left of the page) where you want to add something, anywhere on the page.

Depending on your assignment, you can add different pieces of content. Make sure to include the due date, specific guidelines, and how students should submit their work. You can add many different types of content to inform and inspire your students -- text, video, and more.

Once you have the content that you want you can explore the side panel to further customize your Tackk. Go through the tabs at the top to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. You can also create a custom URL for your page to share with others or even make the Tackk private so only your students can view it.

Step 3: Finish and share.

Now that your Tackk looks great, click the blue Finish button in the editor panel to publish. Now you have a completed assignment that just needs to be shown and shared with your students. Select the last tab in the editor panel to spread the word. The works is done!

Tackk is great for Teachers!

Check out the Education Tackk profile for more resources that will help you and your students use Tackk in new and creative ways!