How to teach TECH

Tips & Tricks for teaching tech to another human being

1. Humor. Comedy. Laughter.

This is the only way. If you can't follow this rule, the rest is going to be REALLY difficult.

2. Patience

   Be patient with others.
  Be just as patient with yourself.

3. Persistence
   Technology will not always work with way you want it to. You need to keep trying, perhaps with different methods.

"The only way out is through." - Robert Frost

4. Perspicacity

    Out-wit the technology!
Get creative!

5. Engaging
   How would you want to learn?
   Keep your audience alive & interactive.
   (Bring snacks)

6. Differentiated
   Just as you would in the classroom, differentiate the technology you use & how you use it.

7. Be real.
  Assignments should be real, useful, and authentic. Avoid contrived use of "tech for tech's sake."

8. Expressive
   Aim for creativity and creation. How can you help people express themselves through the tech?

9. Fail often.
   & enjoy the fail.
  Failing means you're trying.

10. Make it personal.
How is the task relevant to the user? How can you help that person's specific learning style?

11. Allow students to be teachers, and teachers to be students.

Create a classroom environment where partners help each other, hop up and teach tips, and share unique expertise.