Bob Ford

Birth Name: Robert Newton "Bob" Ford

Cowboy/"Dirty Little Coward"

Birth: December 8, 1861 Ray County, MO

Death: Assassinated/June 9, 1892, Creede, Co

Marriage: Mary Bruin

Family: No

Robert Newton "Bob" Ford was an outlaw who shot Jesse James in the back of the head on April 3, 1882./He was a bad guy.

He was apart of the Jesse James gang/Jesse James, and his older brother Alexander Franklin James, Jim, John, Bob, and Cole were the younger brothers.

Robert Newton "Bob" Ford was a Saloon owner after he shot Jesse James their was a assassination attempt on Robert Newton "Bob" Ford He left to settled in Colorado, where he opened a saloon-gambling house in Walsenburg.

He was a Outlaw
He owned a Saloon
He shot Jesse James
He was with the James Gang

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