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What I like about this online tool:

1. Versatile...students can create an interactive, online poster. Also, students could create presentations in GoogleDrive and attach them to their ThingLink project to create an interactive portfolio of their work or research.

2. So easy and fun! Students simply upload a picture for their project backdrop and add "targets," such as videos clips they have found or created, pictures, websites, GoogleDrive projects, etc. Students can also write captions for each "target" they link to their ThingLink page.

3. Engaging. Students I have worked with enjoyed building a Thinglink page and sharing it with others. Teachers can also link all their students' projects onto a master ThingLink page for that class/subject so students can participate in an online gallery walk.

4. Searchable! Browse the Thinglink gallery to gather ideas for your own project or to find a presentation to show students (EX: in Thinglink, search for "Coach Barrett's Sub-Sahara Africa Project!")

Link available on "Web Tools for Projects" via