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What is Blendspace? And what are the benefits?

1. According to their website, Blendspace allows you to quickly create lessons accessible to your students online:

a. Organize all websites, images, documents, videos, etc. for your lesson and compile in one place where your students can access them with a teacher code.

b. Assess students learning throughout this lesson by adding quizzes and other assessments.

c. Monitor your students progress throughout the lesson....and change the lessons to fit students' individual needs along the way.

2. Or better yet, have your students create their own lessons in Blendspace.... have them become "experts" in their subject area and share with their classmates within Blendspace (jigsaw method).

3. Other applications:

a. Differentiation: create varying versions of your lesson to meet the different needs of your students. Ex: text driven, verses audio driven, verses visual, etc....

b. Flipped classroom: students watch or listen to the lecture/lesson at home and come to class ready to discuss and apply this new information.

To learn more about Web tools for student projects, visit the RRHS Library website links at