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Benefits of instaGrok:

1. When users type in their search terms, this search engine visually presents its findings in a concept map, making it easy to quickly locate websites, videos, pics, need to skim a lengthy list as one does in Google or other search engines.

2. Encourages exploration: the search engine visually presents users with a variety of key terms and concepts that one may not have previously considered, allowing users to further explore and narrow their research topics....great for students who struggle to think of key terms/search terms to use when seeking research.

3. Pinning feature: find a great website? Pin the site in instaGrok, and it saves it to your journal/note-taking space for safekeeping. Afterwards, students can take notes on this website, etc. and the resource is automatically uploaded to their bibliography via Wow!

4. Shareable: if you find a fabulous instaGrok, you can tweak it to fit your needs and share it with students that you have upload to your classroom space. Or students can share instGroks with peers in their research groups.

5. Assessment: teachers can utilize quizzes generated by instaGrok for any given topic; assign a specific instaGrok to your students online and determine their understanding with this brief quiz....or use the quiz as an exit ticket for the class period.

6. Free trial for new users! Free 1 year subscription if you recruit 3 other educators to use this product.