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What is SYNC and how can I participate?

1. SYNC is a summer reading program that allows users ages 13+ to download one young adult (YA) title and one paired classic title every week beginning May 7th!

2. To begin, click on the SYNC link above and download Overdrive to your device (computer, Kindle, smartphone, ipad, etc..)

3. Once you download the audio books, they are yours to keep; however, books cannot be downloaded the week following their release---so sign up for text alerts to take advantage of these free offers! Text syncYA to 25827

4. Great option for struggling readers....or students travelling this summer....or busy moms with kids......or anyone for that matter!

5. Discover new and old titles....and decide how the paired books are connected---work those critical thinking muscles!

Download the 3M Cloud eBook & audio book app for more free titles!