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What is Evernote and what are the benefits?

1. Evernote is a productivity tool that allows users to write down ideas, create lists, save important notes and emails, upload pictures and documents, set reminders, create notebooks, display presentations.....and of course share with others online---all from one central location. And if you lose track of your notes, use the search bar to search all your entries! Better yet, create tags for commonly entered items in order to categorize your lists, notes, ideas, etc...

2. What's even better is that this tool is accessible on all your devices---download the app to your phone, access on your desktop at work, and/or save to an ipad, etc....the information with update from one device to the next...and you will still receive your reminders.

3. Have to-do lists? Need reminders? Evernote allows you to set reminders for tasks and mark them off your list as you complete them.

4. Classroom applications, too: create notebooks for different projects, units, subjects, etc. and share notes and assignments with your students online. Having a substitute cover your class? Leave assignments and instructions on Evernote for your students to access online.

5. Student's can get organized with Evernote, too: they can set reminders for assignment deadlines, type notes for a research paper, etc., share assignments with members of a project team, etc....

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