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This site will be dedicated to the best Educational Technology Ideas I come across.  I hope to be a resource for teachers everywhere that just want it to work right, and do not want to spend hours trying to figure it out.  I will post ideas, links and many other tricks that will help keep you sane.  If you email me, I can set up a Google Hangout to help with questions, implementation, and many other things.  I hope to help educators nationwide part the sea of the millions of technology ideas for classrooms, and get down to the 3-4 great ideas that you should implement for your room.  I am available for individual, group and school-wide training programs.  The initial meeting is always free!  Additional programs can be customized to your classroom, your grade, or your entire school.  Let me know how I can help!

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19 November 2015: Gifted & Talented Conference

Here is a resource website I created to help educators in the School District of Philadelphia get ready for the Hour of Code!  Click Here to see it!

Google's Chromebit looks pretty cool!  I think I want to try this out!
Click Here to read about it!

I had a chance to present Code.Org and Studio.Code.Org to the Bucks County (PA) Intermediate Unit during the "Challenging The Gifted Conference" yesterday!  Click Here to see more about the conference!  Here is a link to the presentation:

BUCKS COUNTY IU Challenging The Gifted Conference Presentation (Google Slides)

17 November 2015:  Cool New Stuff To Play With!

Here is a link to my K8 Year-Long-Curriculum Layout.  It is a work in progress, and always changing, but if you have suggestions or hints, please say something!

10 November 2015: K-8 Is Hard!

I had the privilege to speak at the NJEA Conference in Atlantic City.  What a great time to spend with other Code.Org Affiliates and the thousands of educators from New Jersey that came to hear about Code.Org!  Everyone was great!  They did stick us in a corner near the concessions, so traffic was a little slow, but the people who did stop by loved the presentation!  Most have already signed up for a FREE training program in the area!

07 November 2015:  NJEA Convention

This is only the beginning!  I will use this space to post all kinds of interesting things!  Please comment below to let me know what you want to see!  I will try to explain Technology Education in easy to understand terms and provide lessons, advice, and help to anyone who asks for it!  Thanks for the opportunity to help you in your classroom!

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