Google Docs and Writing

Simple ways to incorporate Google Docs into Writing Instruction


  • Use Google Docs to create mind maps/graphic organizers during the planning stages of writing.

Sharing and Commenting

  • This is the BEST way to provide immediate feedback!
  • Students have the ability to share with their classmates, teachers, and other collaborators their work at any stage in the writing process.
  • Collaborative editing gives students the opportunity to highlight and comment on a body of writing.
  • Real-time chat feature allows for groups within a class to collaborate in an easily managed way.

Integrated Tools

  • Built in dictionary and thesaurus
  • Built in Chrome browser for research purposes
  • Track revision history
  • Auto save!

Google Doc Templates

Ways to Use Google Docs for Writer's Workshop

  • Collaborative group projects (MORE CREATIVITY AND COMMUNICATION!)
  • Track individual progress through the writing process (LESS PAPER!)
  • Peer Workshop (MORE COLLABORATION!)

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