Michael Riding & Vipula Sharma

Tackk: Student and Teacher Voice - The Why's

Discovery Session: A Tackk Taster - The Why's

Tackk: The How's and What's

  • This is just a taster of what you will be able to create during our workshop: High Impact, Tech Integrated Instruction
  • You will create a "Tackk" - this linear style web page for a lesson or a topic area of your choice
  • This will be a hands-on practical workshop; you will leave us with a framework for your "Tackk" - a lesson to implement in the next couple of weeks
  • As you can see, you start with a Headline and add some text

Add a photo - of the students, of their work, of something to get them thinking about the topic

Or why not create your own visual

You can add a video and type in questions here, within the Tackk or add a Google Doc or Form or better still why not make the video interactive and build in questions by using Zaption or EdPuzzle - a great way to flip your lesson - Flip the Learning

Or add some audio

Tackk - a versatile, cool tool! Once completed - just share the link, keep it private or public; comment stream on or off; customise your colours, background and font

A Step by Step Tackk Helpsheet
If you decide not to join us -
this is your self-paced learning takeaway - you have our contact details, so do feel free to reach out if you have any questions

We do hope however, that you will choose to join us for the Full Tackk Experience in the Deep Dive where you will create your own High Impact, Tech Integrated lesson map ready to use next week

These are just some ideas of what students could be asked to create using tech tools and we can support you with learning how to do this too