A Lesson Planning Map: keeping the Learning Outcomes & pedagogy at the core and then considering a tech tool that could be used purposefully to support, challenge, extend, enhance, engage, deepen, facilitate the learning even more for ALL students

By no means should tech be used at all times, as students do need balance; Teachers have an amazing wealth of resources and ideas that support their practice and those methods should not be abandoned. Tech is just another tool and the aim of this presentation is to support Teachers to consider the why's and how's of a tool; the BLOOMS Taxonomy , SAMR and TPACK frameworks are of course also of great thinking and planning support. Personally I like to use the BLOOMS Taxonomy and TPACK as my planning tools and SAMR as a reflecting and evaluating tool as they are all grounded in good pedagogy. The suggested list of tech tools is from a personal choice of trial and error and not a prescriptive list; I believe it is useful for Teachers to have some sort of an 'app / tech tool map' to refer to as they consider how best to achieve the learning outcomes. The aim is to encourage students to use higher order and critical thinking skills, to communicate and collaborate; to create opportunities for them ALL to apply their learning in a personalised and differentiated manner so that they are ALL fully engaged and feel in control of their learning; allowing students time to reflect upon and evaluate their learning progress as they create and apply their learning and skills and thus plan their next learning steps; using tech purposefully to deepen the learning and to engage ALL learners.

Possible Tech Tools: Quiz with Kahoot, Socrative, Google Form, PollDaddy, Strawpoll, PollEverywhere; write on Padlet wall; post a comment in Google Classroom; back channel with Today's Meet; Word Salad to create key words word cloud; Quizlet to recap, practice or intro to vocabulary

Could these be shared in Google Classroom, or via Tackk or Adobe Slide

Book Creator, iMovie, Educreations, Explain Everything, Popplet, Presentation, Pic Collage, Pear Deck, Quizlet, Make Beliefs, Aurasma, Google Docs, ThingLink, Adobe Voice, Blendspace, iTunesU, iBookAuthor, Versal, Showbie

Blog, Explain Everything, Padlet, Quiz (Kahoot, Socrative, Google Form, Go Formative, Diagnostic Questions, Quizlet)

Flipped homework with an interactive video - EdPuzzle; Exam Time to create mindmaps, notes, flashcards; generate data to measure & gauge individual learning gaps

Teachers may find this well-researched matrix useful when considering the level of tech integration and its impact on the learning environme