Technology staff development

Making it better

What makes the difference in Technology PD?

Attitude - Can that be changed?

Time - What, Where, When

Culture. - Admin support and modeling

Interest - Teachers are people too

Availability - What tech is available

***Frustration level of teacher with technology, has to be addressed

What behavior, skill, knowledge set, or belief of the participants about Web 2.0 tools are you trying to change?

  • determine what needs to be changed
  • capacity matrix
  • emotions, movement, and/or both
  • hands on, movement, teach others (Shut up)
  • Allow multiple intelligences; Allow for individual and group work.
    Allow for newbies and oldies and provide scaffolding to support all of them.
    Differentiate activities, products, resources, etc.
  • Allow participants to reflect on what they learned and the process

Groups, acknowledge that there are different levels and group them:

  • Same Ability Groups - a leader will rise and lead the group
  • Different Ability Groups - the lower level skill user will try harder to catch up
  • Common Subjects - A plethora of ideas
  • Varied Subjects - Diverse ideas

"Essential Skills" what does that mean? Troubleshooting skills, most teachers don't consider this as essential skills of technology. Teaching our teachers to be self-sufficient in troubleshooting will raise their technology skill level.

Taking NEW Ideas & Implementing

should be our Goal!

  • Concurrent Sessions, aka Follow up training; 1st hour is teaching, learning, practicing, and creating. 2nd hour is at later date to share, collaborate, and discuss what worked & what they did
  • Student led trainings; what does this look like