What's the Tech is New?

Welcome back from Spring Break guys! Hope the week was fun, relaxing and you caught up on your zzzz's. Here's just a few of the things in Tech that you need to look into.

  • Gmail migration: This month, the district has started the migration of your mail from Webmail to Gmail. Yes, we all use Google now BUT, soon all of your mail will be ONLY at one address. Please make sure that any mail you would like to save or would like to migrate to your permanent gmail account is in a folder. Only mail in FOLDERS in Lotus Mail will move to gmail. NOT what is in your Inbox. Archived mail will be permanently deleted and we are looking into your address books.
  • Testing: This week the lab will be shut down for TELPAS Online Testing. Please adhere to the schedule sent by Mrs. Auguste. Any issues or updates will be sent via email.
  • Grades...: Grades are due next week, please make sure you can access your grade book, enter in assignments and are using the correct grading cycle. If you have any issues, please contact Mrs. St. Julian or Mrs. Glass.
  • Google+: Please check the Raymond Google+ community page at least once a week for updates, professional development opportunities and to share what's happening in your classroom!

What the App? Program Who?

What's new in programs and applications @ Raymond Academy

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Tech N' More Professional Development Opportunities

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