Tech Tuesday

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If you had the choice between a steak dinner or a hot dog from the convenience store, which would you choose?

Academic OneFile is the steak dinner for students' information needs while Google is the hot dog from the convenience store.....while both satisfy our "hunger" for information, one is of higher caliber than the other.

Let's give our students steak dinner by directing them to databases to locate information!

What I like about Academic OneFile:

1. I can search for articles within my favorite magazines, journals, and newspapers from several decades back....and even as current as today!

2. It provides the citation for me! With one click of the button, I have a citation to include in my bibliography. No need for a style manual or

3. Subject search guide: If I don't know the best search terms to use to find the articles I need, it provides a list of options to help me!

4. If I find great articles for my research paper, I can email them to myself, save them to my desktop or H-drive, or bookmark them for later.

5. If I'm a struggling reader, I can listen to the article being read to me, too!

Academic OneFile available via TexQuest on the RRHS Library website