Jaqueline Morganstern

Tyisha S. Kitchens

Jaqueline Morganstern was born May 26,1932 in Paris, France and died April 20,1945 in Hamburg, Germany

She was born in Paris, France, with her mom and dad Karl and Suzanne Morganstern. She was 8 years old in the 1940 when her parents had to give up their shop to the non-Jewish Frenchman.She attended school and her father and uncle owned a beauty shop in central Paris.

When the Holocaust began On June 20, 1944, Jacqueline and her parents were deported to the Auschwitz death camp. For the time being, Jacqueline and her mother were sent to the women's camp. Jacqueline's mother became weak because she gave most of her food to her daughter. After she fell ill, her mother was murdered in the gas chamber.

After her mother died she was sent to was sent to a special children's barracks. There was a limited of 20 children in the barracks 10 girls and 10 boys. The only good thing was they provided the kids with decent food. They first treated the kids like they where at home. In the fall of 1944 Jacqueline and the other kids were injected with tuberculosis cultures. Later in the year Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer decided to operate on the children. A year later when Jacqueline Morganstern turned 13 her and her friends were lynched one by one.

Every since the Holocaust happen it had made many people malcontent, sad, and depressed. Imagine yourself being treated nice and decent then put in a gas chamber, lynched, injected, or shot in the back of the head. Imagineing this makes you want to go a kill the people that did this to these innocent kids.

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