Teenage Survival Kit

By: Matthew Torres, Kellen French, Ashleigh Dean

     When you’re a kid you have no worries, however you’re always wishing to grow up. The reality of it is, being a kid instead of a teenager is much less stressful. You don't have to worry about your grade point average, what people think of you, or if your lunch money is going to get stolen and you’re afraid to go to school because the students torment you. No one has ever said being a teenager is easy, and why is that? It's because it isn't.

     This survival tool kit runs through some of the things that teenagers go through, and things that Romeo and Juliet had to go through. All teenagers go through changes, physically as well as emotionally. Teenagers go through puberty, go through a dating phase, just like what Romeo and Juliet went through. They are teens, just like you guys reading this.

     When you’re a teenager, day in and day out your mind runs on stress from your daily routine. This survival tool kit will help answer your unsolved questions, be your best friend, and give you tips on how to handle being a teenager in our generation.  

                    "Believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things" - Unknown


     Puberty is one of the hardest stages in life. It's when your body develops, from girls and boys to men and women. There are different signs for puberty in girls and boys. Signs of puberty taking place in boys are: spontaneous growth, voice deepening, and even getting hair where you least want it. Signs of puberty taking place in girls are: spontaneous growth, hair development, and the body starts to "form" more like a woman. It's a pretty embarrassing time for all teens, and we can tell you all about this time period and how to get through it.

     This video is just some information on the stages of puberty. It goes into detail on both the boy's side of puberty, as well as the girl's side of puberty. It breaks it down using some cartoon-type pictures. It covers a lot of the stages of this period in life, without going into TOO much details.

     Boys and girls have a hard time going through puberty. It's when your body matures. The hormones increase, which can make boys and girls moody, and much more. Things like breakouts can occur, or oily faces, but that can be taken care of as long as you wash your face. A lot of puberty can be controlled, you just need to take precautions.

     This video goes over the stages of puberty in girls. It explains what girls go through and some of the changes their body has, as this is the stage where girls mature. It is very helpful to watch videos like these so you can be prepared for this kind of thing, or if your a boy, to be aware of what kind of changes girls go through.

     This video is relevant to puberty because of how it stays on topic throughout the whole video, focusing on what girls go through during puberty. Things like periods and a mass production in hormones occur in girls, just some of the changes girls go through in order to become a mature, young woman.


     Listed above is a link to an informational website. This website has very good information about puberty. It describes what puberty is and how it affects us a people. The website also speaks about different changes that occur when puberty is taking place, and how we can try to control it. Check out the website further in order to get a good understanding about puberty.

     Romeo was already in his twenties, so it's obvious his puberty days were over. However, Juliet is still a teenager. Her hormones must have been going CRAZY! That could have contributed as to why she was so madly in love with Romeo, and why she would kiss him 24/7. Other things could have also contributed, but just understand that puberty played a part in Juliet's life.

     Located above is a skit-like video that my friends and I created. It contains some information about puberty, and some changes that occur during this period in life. The student in the video approaches the teacher, to confess that he is going through awkward changes. He doesn't realize that what he is going through is called puberty, and it is completely normal.

    The teacher explains what puberty is, and what kinds of changes the human body goes through. Later on the student finally understands what puberty is, and is happy that there is nothing wrong with him. Like I said before, puberty is a completely normal stage of life that teenagers go through.

     In this funny video clip from Charlie Brown, Charlie is going through puberty. The first sign of puberty he gets is a mustache that appears on his face. The next sign being his voice deepening to the point where nobody can understand him. The last sign being disappearing parts on his body, and then his body completely disappearing. Now of course your body doesn't disappear when you go through puberty, but you can develop hair when you least expect it, and your vocal chords can change.

     Puberty is something that all teenagers go through. However, puberty should not be frowned upon. It's a time of maturity and growth, along with the body taking the shape of a grown woman/man. In the video, all of the kids went through puberty. In Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers were going through puberty. If you haven't already, soon enough you will too. Puberty is your body changing, and it is perfectly normal.


     Depression is hard. It's a certain level that can be reached if something serious has happened, or is still going on. Some cases can involve a death in the family, a bad breakup, or even bullying. Some people are stronger than other, and it's easier to get out of this point in their life. For others, it could take them months, or even years, to overcome depression. We can tell you all about depression and how to overcome it.

     This video gives some tips on how to overcome some low points in your life that could give you depression. Depression can be a very hard time, and in order to get out of it you need to seek help, like the man said in the video.

     In the video, it says to pay attention to your thoughts. It's very true, as your thoughts can play a big part in your life. If you have sad thoughts, you are more likely to become depressed. If you had good thoughts, you could have a happy mentality. This video did a great job at describing how to get past depression.

     This song is very good when it comes to remembering the good times in your life. This can help with depression and other things along that line, by saying that things could be a lot worse. It constantly reminds you that you aren't worthless, and have so much to live for.

     This song is very relevant because it speaks about the good times in life. Remembering the good times can help a depressed person remember how much of a good life they really have, and that you should "lift your spirit." This is a very helpful song, and always remember the good times in life.

     This quote from Michael J. Fox is about depression. It says that you shouldn't become depressed, because somewhere there is joy in your life. Be it a specific person, an item that is sentimental to you, or even a specific place you go to. Life shouldn't be wasted away with sadness, when there is always some sort of happiness in somewhere in your life. Just like in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was Juliet's happiness and vice versa. When their one and only happiness was forbidden by the parents, they both went into depression. Their true love for each other was the only thing that made them happy.l

     Depression is a hard thing to go through, I won't dent that. However, with some help it can be overcome. Whenever you are going through depression, the first thing you should do is think about that one thing or person that makes you happy, and go to them for help. Try to talk to them about how you are currently feeling. If that doesn't work, there are more professional types of help, like a psychiatrist. Always remember, people care about you and do not want to see you depressed.

     This is a video about a man that confesses what problems he had, and how it put him in depression. He also spoke about how he was able to overcome this difficult time in his life, which must have been very hard for him. He mentioned how he was able to survive throughout all this time, and you should be able too. This was all because of a little help from a friend of his.

     The man Noah uses his friend named Douglas to help himself recover from depression. Douglas went through clinical depression, lost his work as a book author, and even suffered from a painful divorce. It's incredible how he was able to move past this painful time in his life. If it wasn't for the HELP he got, he would still be in depression! If you ever feel like you have hit the lowest point in your life, always remember, things could be worse! Think about the positive times, and always know you CAN find help.

Social Life

     One of the biggest problems that teenagers have to deal with is their social life. While they want lots of friends but they need to keep up their grades. While some people are naturally talented at one or the other or maybe even both lots of teens struggle in both of those categories. As they move on many teens will drop one of those focuses. At first many people would think of a social life just being talking to people but it is a lot more complicated than that .

     This graph sums up a lot of the social classes in high school. While in high school it is important to know your place in the hierarchy. These classes don't need to be followed, it is more of a suggestion. Now note that this is not saying THE GOOD POPULAR KIDS CAN NEVER TALK TO THE BOTTOM KIDS and but it is saying that these are the clicks that tend to form and it is good to know where you fit in before they do so you don't get left out .

     While all of this can be scary if you are in the bottom group you just need to get a couple good friends an you will be set for all of high school. That` also goes for the higher popularity kids every body needs a couple good friends no matter how popular you are.

     Peer pressure is something that we encounter every day. It could be something as small as telling another kid to take someone's pencil, or something as bad as forcing someone to do drugs. Peer pressure should be avoided at all times, and so above is a link talking about how to avoid peer pressure. Try to pick your friends wisely, because most of the time it is your friends doing the peer pressuring.

     In your social life it is really important to make friends. If you don't have any friends than you don't have much of a social life. Some people can make friends very easily and have somewhat of an abundance of them while others are not so gifted in the subject. Regardless if you want to make tons of friends it is important to at least talk to people.

     Once you have your friends you need to interact with them. If you make friends and just ignore them you wont be friends for long. This link gives a lot of good ideas for everybody to do for free. If Romeo did things with Juliet they might not have killed themselves. You also need to be careful what you do. Spray painting a building might me fun but it will get you arrested witch kind of goes back to the peer presure

     This is a video of me and my friend Matthew talking about social life. We are just talking about our personal preferences. The things that we talk about are things that all teenagers run into at one point or another. One of the thing we touched on was friends and what they can do to effect your life, if you chose the bad friends you will go down the bad path in life and the same is true with good friends. Also the group that you are in like the nerds or jocks you can become more of a certain "class".

     One of the other things that we talked about was what to do after school witch I have talked about a while ago but I cannot stress that enough. If you and your friends go out to watch a movie instead of smoking a couple of blunts you will most likely end up more successful.

     Some people just want to be popular and be the center of attention. When you need to have every one looking at you you need to be more constantly entertaining to keep the "crowds" pleased. To do this you need to be more pleasing in every area all the time. Not saying that non "popular" kids aren't but the popular kids need to be. Strangely not all of them are though proving that popularity is just a fleeting phase and that you should focus on other things.

     A lot of people want to fit in in high-school and will try to blend. I see nothing wrong with it and also think that if nobody blended in then high-school would be a mess. This sight has some simple ways to blend in and be "normal". One of the most difficult things on this list is finding people that you relate to I have always had this problem and its not easy to get around. In my instance what I tend to do is talk to people that I think I would get along with and go off of what they think is funny and see if I can conform to that and make jokes or comments that make them think of me as the funny kid that they like to hang around.


Dating Pt 1

     The most dramatic and popular thing in high school and in teenager's lives in general, is dating. Well, so it may seem. Yes, it is great to have someone by your side and to go out with and kiss and cuddle with. However, it's not a necessity to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. There is NOTHING wrong with being single. Honestly, being single is much more manageable than being in a relationship. For example, you don't have to care about what he/she thinks of you, you don't have jealousy issues, and most importantly you can focus on yourself and your priorities. We are teenagers, now is the time to be selfish. So, for those of you riding solo, don't be down in the dumps because you're single, you have the upper hand.

     As for those who are currently relationship and are having trouble, or have recently ended a relationship, here are a few tips. The worst thing to do is to mope around, be lonely, and isolate yourself from the world. The only thing that will do is upset you and cause you to think about the negatives. What you need to do is go out with close friends/family, have a good time, and do what you wanted to do while you were in that relationship. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being okay after a break-up. If you're having trouble in the relationship, privately talk with your other half about your situations and be aware of the real problem. To the guys out there, don't climb up her window, especially if her family doesn't like you. Look where that got Romeo and Juliet. If I were you, I would meet somewhere in private or talk on the phone.


     Now on a serious note, bullying is the most common thing for teenagers to go through. Whether you're being bullied, or you're the bully, the BEST thing to do is talk to someone. Yes, we are growing up and we need to learn responsibility and how to handle things on our own, however in this circumstance, you NEED to talk to someone close to you or an adult. In no way, shape, or form is bullying ever okay. If you have been bullied or are still getting bullied there are a few steps you need to follow and know how to handle it.

     First, you need evaluate what's happening and even write it all down. Secondly, you need to tell some sort of authority figure that can help or stop the bullying and take control of the situation, because violence isn't the answer. Do not let what the bully is doing affect how you feel towards yourself. Usually people bully because they have personal problems in their life and are taking it out on someone who has it better. You are not the problem, there's nothing wrong with you.   

     Above, there are two songs I advise you to listen to. From personal experience, these songs bring your spirit up when you're down and help you realize the greatness you have inside, as well as how much of a purpose you serve to the world. No matter what anyone says you are incapable. You are strong. You've come along this far, and you can keep going. Just keep pushing forward.

     These songs were written to show you that everyone has been in your position, you're not alone. It may feel like it sometimes, but you're not. Express your feelings if that helps. Write a poem, write a song, talk about your feelings, if you think it helps. It's not what works for others that's useful, it's what works for you.

Above is another link to a website with steps on how to overcome being bullied and how to handle being a bystander and witness of bullying. This website is not like every other one recommended. It's not created by a bullying organization or adults that want to stop bullying, it's created by kids that have experienced bullying and have overcome it.

Not only does it give you tips and the simple steps to cure your life of bullying, but it also gives you the option to add and include your own advice you have for the bullied and bystanders from your own experience! If you're the type of person that needs help on this subject and are not interested in social groups or long web pages into depth about bullying, this is a great site for you. It's short, sweet, and to the point for fast results.

This photo is an example of what NOT to do, but happens on a daily basis in everyday life. Bullying doesn't always involve just the shark and the bait. Being a witness is just as bad as being the actual bully. Just because your group of friends/family bullies someone does not give you the right or makes it okay to do the same. It's not cool, which is what some people think. Most bullying that occurs happens in groups more than one on one encounters.

In the picture, there are multiple things that would've gone differently if one of those teenagers had stood up to their friends and told them what they were doing is wrong. If you're a witness of bullying or have a friend and/or friends that bully, do not be afraid to confront them and do what is right. One small positive action can make a massive difference to someone. Don't be the one that stood by and watched someone get torn apart, it makes you just as guilty.   

Dating Pt 2

The number one rule for dating is that everything happens for a reason. For example, if your parents are telling you you're not aloud to be seeing someone, odds are, they know best, and there's a reason. If you think about the story Romeo and Juliet, if Juliet had listened to her parents about not being able to be with Romeo, she most likely would not have committed suicide because she would not have had the strong feelings she did to disobey her parents and continue seeing him, leading to her death.

If you are not able to be with someone because of rules and regulations, or even just breaking up, it is not the end of the world! There is magic to the madness, because why? Everything happens for a reason! If something is not going the way you wanted or expected, take it in, accept it, and try to move on.   

Juliet: Puberty

     Romeo is the love of my life. When I first laid eyes on him at my father's party, I knew he was the one. When we kissed..... it was magic. My hormones have been driving crazy since that night.  It felt like time had froze, and it was perfection. That night was just perfection. Then he told me that he was of the Montague house. It shocked me fairly well, but the connection we had, it couldn't get in between us. Our love is greater than any stupid feud that could be going on. I love him no matter what. It is very unfortunate that my father wants me to marry that hideous Paris, for my heart is with the handsome, stunning Romeo. He has been so very romantic, coming every night to my balcony, to give me a goodnight kiss. Once I had spoken with my father about being in love with Romeo and not Paris, he threw a fit. It only ended in the suffering of me, and him telling me that I must marry Paris or else I will face the consequences. He is not aware of the fact that I will not live the rest of my life without Romeo and with Paris. I will do anything it takes to be with Romeo, my one true love.


     If only Tybalt could control his idiotic rage. Tybalt expects he can solve anything with sticking a sword in something, and that is why he was later on killed by my trusted cousin, Romeo. He strolled along, enraged that Romeo, Benvolio, and I crashed his party, and decides he wants to fight the three of us. Romeo, as usual, tried to calm the furious Tybalt down. It wasn't as simple as it seems it is. He ended up trying to attack us, after Romeo had almost convinced him to lay down his sword. My first instinct as soon as he swung his sword was to fight back. As we were battling, the crowd around us gazed in excitement, eager to see who would win the battle. The fight raged on for a couple of minutes, before I became too cocky upon myself. This made me vulnerable to Tybalt, and he had struck me down with a blow to the stomach area. My two cousins, Romeo and Benvolio, stood there. Both of which were jaw-dropped after they had seen me, a pool of blood flowing from my body. Romeo had raced towards me, while Benvolio continued to cry. Romeo became very infuriated by this, and decided to chase after Tybalt. Soon after Romeo began chasing him, they finally met up in a strange building. They engaged in sword-to-sword combat, only to end in Romeo avenging my death.

Romeo: Depression

Romeo and Juliet Character Blog Posts

Juliet: Bullying

     I can't believe that after all of this, my beloved Juliet and I could not be together. It is until just before I died that I had realized my love was actually alive, but by the time she woke up, I had already taken the poison. I immediately regretted my decision in taking the poison. My beloved Juliet then preceded to stab herself, in hopes of being with be in the afterlife. However, in the end, it just simply did not turn out how it was supposed to be.  Juliet had been so very depressed for an extremely long time because of the matter that we could not be together, and now just when things were looking up, the plan to unite Juliet and I fails. Now, all that is left for the both of us is to be deeply saddened for the rest of eternity, no love to fill the void. On the other hand, there has been a bright side to this tragic matter. Soon after the deaths of Juliet and I, the Montague house and the Capulet house have decided to sign a treaty. Lord Montague and Lord Capulet even had a public ceremony for this treaty. This treaty would end the pointless feud between the two houses and unite us all forever. Even though we could not be together, at least we contributed to ending the rivalry between the houses.

     Why is thou so mercenary? If I am in love I should not be oppressed by my own people! Thou blusters to deny me as your own daughter? How cruel my own father is. Oh Romeo, how I wish thou was here to comfort me in my time of heartache. Nurse and Romeo are the only ones that seem as if they're sane unlike father and mother.

     I shall never marry Prince by force of interrogation! Father, thou makes me feel despondent, horrid, and unworthy to be a Capulet. Thou has pushed me too far off the edge with words of hatred! If I can not be with my one true love Romeo, I shall take my own soul! Thou claims I am of no use to our kind if I love Romeo, then so be it. Thou's words have finally spoke loud and clear. Do not feel sorrow when my life is no more, thou caused this with thou's talk. Farewell, I shall be with thou soon Romeo.   - Juliet Capulet


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