Teen Challenge of New Mexico

Serving Adolescents Since 1984

About Teen Challenge of New Mexico

Since 1984, Teen Challenge of New Mexico has offered a Christian-inspired approach to drug and alcohol abuse. Adolescent residents of the organization’s two gender-specific facilities complete a series of 12 contracts during their stay, completing studies in topics such as “Growing through Failure,” “Love and Accepting Myself,” and “Attitudes.” In addition, Teen Challenge of New Mexico offers life skills courses in music, etiquette, and computer training as well as the services of a Certified Advanced Personality Trainer from CLASSeminars, Inc.

Over the years, the organization has helped hundreds of adolescents find their way through its 18- to 24-month curriculum and has received stirring testimonials from many of its former residents. One such testimonial comes from Natasha, a young woman who was raised in the foster system. As a teenager she began to make poor choices, prompting her foster family to send her to the Albuquerque facility. While at the facility, she learned to overcome her challenges through the love of Christ, and after completing the program in 2009, she returned to society a well-adjusted, giving woman. Natasha is currently married, has two children, and volunteers at her local church.

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