Teen stress

Teenagers stress over many things such as school, family, friends, and other things going on in their lives. Sometimes they need help from others to get through these stressful times.

The life of a teen is everything but easy. It is a time where you are maturing and start to take on many responsibilities and have to make tough choices.

Causes of stress:

~ School, gossip

~ Family issues - money, siblings, death

~ Friendship issues - fighting, peer presure

~ Relationships - divorce, break ups

Sometimes stress can eat away at teenagers and they just don't know what to do...


  • Humor: Make the situation more positive by seeing the lighter side.
  • Venting: Simply telling someone about the whole situation can make you feel less stressed.
  • Relaxation: Just stopping and taking a breath can help you get out of a stressful situation.
  • Physical Exercise: Doing regular exercises such as running or doing yoga can let you get out all of your stress and frustration.
  • Seeking Support: Getting help or emotional support from family, friends, teachers, or someone you trust can help maintain emotional health during a stressful time.

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