Freestyle Skiing

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Freestyle skiing was not popular in america until the 1960’s.Before then,around 1920, they were a few people who would do tricks like somersaults on skis.Before then, around 1920, they were a few people who would do tricks like somersaults on skis.Because of all the tricks, the sport used to be called ‘hotdogging’.Then in 1979 freestyle skiing was recognized by the international ski federation. The federation helped to make the sport less dangerous so it could be added to the FIS world cup the next year. Finally in 1989 freestyle skiing was added into the Olympics as a demonstration sport. Males and females both could participate in the events moguls, aerials, and ballet. The moguls event got medal status four years later, the aerials event also got medal status in 1994.



Skis - Normally 185cm for men, 175cm for women, for aerials 160cm, skis are narrow and have a little side cut

Ski Poles - needed to help with balance, turning, and speed

Ski Wear - often different color than the uniform, so they stand out and the judge will notice the way the skier is doing things

Boots - standard boots are able to deal with the impact of landings

Helmet - used to protect head from injuries, and made of strong plastic


For the aerial competition you have to do two special jumps of 6 meters.Based on timing olympians are put in groups together to compete in knockout style skiing.They have to perform flips, somersaults, twists, and grabs on a half pipe.


Top 5 Countries:

- Russia:

gold- 13

silver- 11

bronze- 9

total- 33

- United States:

gold- 9

silver- 7

bronze- 12

total- 28

- Norway:

gold- 11

silver- 5

bronze- 10

total- 26

- Canada:

gold- 10

silver- 10

bronze- 5

total- 25

- Netherlands:

gold- 8

silver- 7

bronze- 9

total- 24


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