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Alleged White House intruder is decorated combat vet

By: Sophie Skalny

Summary of Story/Link

Omar Gonzalez, an Army Veteran, was accused of jumping the White House fence on Friday, September 19. Gonzalez served in the Army for over 13 years over the course of two Army stints. He received several awards and badges over that period of time. He retired in 2012 due to a disability.

On Friday, Gonzalez jumped the fence and got all the way to the door before he was stopped by Secret Service. He was not shot at because he appeared to be unarmed, yet he did have a dangerous weapon on him at the time. He told Secret Service agents that he was coming to warn the president that the "atmosphere was collapsing".  Gonzalez was arrested without incident.

Ideals Related to this Story

Rights are linked to this story.

Now that Gonzalez has been arrested, he has certain rights under the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  These include the right to a trial and the right to an attorney to defend him during the process. If found guilty, the Judge in the case will determine his sentence.

Democracy is linked to this story.

Gonzalez cannot jump the fence and run into a door of the White House to inform the President about those issues that he thinks are important. We live in a democracy and a representative form of government. This means that citizens have the right to elect a President. After a President has been elected, he makes decisions on behalf of all of the people living in the United States. A better way for Gonzalez to tell the President his opinion would have been to send him a letter, He cannot simply run to a door of the White House to find the President.

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