TekCollect Excels at Security Compliance

An accounts receivable and collections processing company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, TekCollect was founded on principles of early intervention and non-invasive solutions to cash flow issues. The company serves clients around the nation with non-traditional collection methods that foster client retention. TekCollect also maintains a focus on data security.

In January of 2014, TekCollect achieved SSAE 16 (SOC 1), Type II compliance. A voluntary SSAE 16 audit reviewed TekCollect’s security controls, including firewall configurations and data transmissions. According to the firm’s vice president of information technology, the positive audit is further confirmation that TekCollect maintains the highest security standards and controls to protect client information.

TekCollect utilizes a variety of strategies to assists its clients with their finances. Some of these techniques include telemarketing, litigation, and fixed fee recovery programs. In addition to its recovery services, the company also helps customers adjust their accounts receivable procedure in an effort to prevent late payments. This proactive approach has yielded extremely successful results and sets TekCollect apart from other collections agencies.

Call Center Services for Businesses

TekCollect helps its clients with diverse accounts receivable needs. In addition to reaching out to account holders who have past-due accounts on behalf of its clients, TekCollect provides call center services.

There are many advantages to having a call center. For example, it simplifies a business’ operations. Instead of many types of inbound calls coming to the business’ main office, calls can be routed to specific individuals who are well-equipped to handle them. Therefore, having a dedicated call center for incoming calls can reduce the wait time callers may experience if they were to call the business’ main line.

There are several important factors to consider when developing a business’ call center solutions. First, business leaders should consider the type of technology that is needed. In some cases, phones and a basic answering machine system are enough to meet the business’ needs. In other situations, workers at the call center need access to email, extensive computerized records, and more specialized features. Whatever the circumstances, working with call-center-setup experts can make the transition to using a call center much easier.