Tell A Story Day, April 27

Writing Prompts & Template

Tell a Story Day celebrates story-telling of all kinds. It doesn't matter if its fiction or non-fiction, a tall tale, or folk lore. Stories can be from a book, other written material, or from memory.

Whether you're participating as a teacher, student, writer or non-writer, storytelling allows for anyone to create their own world, real or fake, and Tackk is happy to support your storytelling.   

Tell your story on Tackk and use our content widgets to include not only words, but photos, video, music, GIFs and maps- anything to enhance your writing.   

Story Prompts

Choose one of ours, or create your own.

1. Write a story about being your favorite superhero for one day. What adventures did you go on, who did you save, what powers do you have?

2. Write a story about a single photograph. Use our 500px photo search to find one, or use your own.

3. Choose a side of this debate and write a persuasive piece using facts and/or opinion to support your stance.
- Should junk food be banned in schools? Why or why not?

4. You're living 100 years in the future. Write a story about the types of technology you're using and how products like cars, phones and computers have advanced.

5. Create a short story that is 26 sentences long, each sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.

6. Imagine that the President has asked you to announce a new national holiday—and it can be anything you want. Write the text of your announcement speech.

And make sure to tweet @Tackk so we can read your stories and feature them.