Drugs affecting teens
By: Jimmy Mason

Drugs are a problem in our society with teens. Teens are more likely to start doing drugs at a young age. Study has found that about 65 percent of teens use drugs to feel good about themselves. And teens are more likely to do it because of acceptance because they don't feel like that they fit in with the other crowd so they do drugs knowing that it can harm them just to be accepted by the people that do the drugs so they think that they would be cool doing it.

Drug abuse is an important thing to talk about so we can at least try to talk to teens and persuade them not to do it so they could live longer and not have to worry about the long lasting affects of drugs. Drugs can affect you in many ways like. Drugs can make your heart beat faster, make your body move slower,can make your throat feel dry, make your pupils get bigger.

The point is doing drugs is really dangerous for yourself and for others around you thousands and thousands of people die by using drugs. So i hope that people that are doing drugs to stop it because it is slowly killing you from the out side and the inside so do not do drugs or it will kill you allot sooner than you think.



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