Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo

Community-Minded Farmer, Adventure Seeker

About Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo

A native of Venezuela, Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo enjoys working the land as a farmer and exploring nature on bikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and horses. He appreciates the peace of traversing the mountains on horseback, as well as the adrenaline of scaling a mountain in a motorized vehicle. Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo also drives his ATVs across muddy rivers and into areas that are difficult to navigate, largely for the excitement and the challenge.

Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo also appreciates the challenges and rewards of farming. Currently a poultry farmer, he is also interested in the latest crop irrigation practices and in the process of achieving efficiency. An active member of the global farming community, he also serves his Venezuelan neighbors as a member of the Baptist church in Valencia, Venezuela, and as a member of the national horse riding association. In this role, he leverages his trail riding expertise to select routes across the country for riders of various skill levels. He relaxes by watching baseball and basketball games, played both by Venezuela's teams and by United States teams such as the Miami Heat.

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