Teresa Moore – The Paleo Plan for a Slimming Model Diet

Teresa Moore is a model with a huge appetite. But not just an appetite for food, an appetite for life in general. She loves fashion, food, eating healthy, traveling, blogging, being creative, and following the Paleo Plan and Model Diet.

But what are the Paleo Plan and the Model Diet? It might sound downright caveman but really it’s all about getting back to basics. Living a balanced healthy life means eating foods that are not processed (read, bad for you!). It’s about taking ownership of your life and your health and paving the way for a positive, bright future for you and your loved ones.

The Model Diet means eliminating all of the “junk” – and not just the ice cream, potato chips, cookies, brownies, cakes, chocolates, pork rinds, kool aid, etc., but the “junk” that is hard for our body to process, like legumes (including peanuts), potatoes, and wheat. Once we get down to basics and eat what our ancestors ate before big industry and vacuum packs were invented, we dip our toes into a much cooler, much more healthy pool of longevity, personal freedoms and success.

Some of the foods on the Paleo Plan include grass produced meats (find these in the high-end grocery stores, or go to your local farmer’s market, you might even be able to be put on a “plan” at a local farm), fish and seafood (health benefits abound in these little sea creatures, not the least of which is omega 3, vital for your brain’s health and functioning), eggs (little balls of sunshiny goodness that house more power than a five-hour energy drink), nuts and seeds (they knew what they were doing in The Blue Lagoon, did you see Brooke’s skin?), healthful oils ( for example olive oil or walnut oil, works great as conditioners for your hair as well!), and a ton (read, most space taken up on your plate!) of fruits and vegetables. The Earth is a bounty of fruits and vegetables and you may never, in your lifetime, get to actually try them all!

Once you’ve adopted your ways and stick to the Paleo Plan and Model Diet, you’ll notice yourself becoming clearer minded, lighter footed, easier to laugh and smile, and generally, a healthier, happier person.

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