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Teresa Moore is comfortable in her skin, comfortable in her clothes, and comfortable in the advice she gives people in her NYC restaurant blog. Living in NYC, she enjoys the opportunity to taste-test these restaurants, from the micro to the indulgently elegant. Chez Sardine is one of the cool, nice restaurants in NYC where you’ll find a delightful Asian twist to comfort hipster food. One of the best items on the menu here is the Trout Belly Special. It’s cooked in a sweet, smoky BBQ sauce and overall it is moist, tender, sweet and delicately meaty.

Another of the top picks at this hip restaurant is the Uni Chopped Beef Sushi, the nigiri is abundantly textured, making it not just delicious, but visually and gustatory in its interest. The Miso-Maple Salmon Head is the “house best” though perhaps not “Teresa’s best” – even though it fell slightly short of this noble title, the flavors were well harmonized and delicious.

A NYC restaurant blog entry would not be complete without an entry for Babbo, a lovely little respite on the corner of Washington State Park. This, one of the really nice restaurants in NYC, offers warmth and class in its overtly romantic two-storied townhouse location.

Mario Batali’s cooking never fails to be tasty, albeit slightly oily and salty. Still, you can’t go wrong with the Agnolotti with Brown Butter and Sage. This dish is a must try and Teresa describes it as “little fluffy delicate clouds from heaven.” Simply divine, this dish deserves a place on every NYC restaurant blog because it is a decadent treat with melt in your mouth pasta, woody mushroom and sage flavorings and a light buttery sauce.

The Baby Beet Salad with Marinated Cauliflower and Blood Orange Vinaigrette was super refreshing with both tangy citrus and understated parmegiano balanced together.

And in the Soho/West Village area, Charlie Bird offers delightfully tasty Italian with great service. Some of the wonderful offerings at this nice restaurants in NYC include the Steak Tagliato, deliciously cooked yet tender steak with a chunky herb topping. Need an accompaniment? Try the Saint-Joseph AOC 2010 – this bottle of red goes perfectly with the Steak Tagliato, you’ll appreciate its nice tannins, almost as much as you’ll appreciate Charlie Bird’s expert skill.

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