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Humanitarian and Actress Teresa Cheung

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An executive producer and accomplished actress, Teresa Cheung was born in Hong Kong and moved to Toronto, Canada, at the age of 15. She attended the University of Toronto, where she earned a degree in English literature and fine arts history. During her undergraduate career, she was cultural ambassador for Chinavision, the first Canadian-Chinese cable television network. Teresa Cheung embarked on her career as an actress in 2004, and continues to study with acting coach Larry Moss and voice coach Patsy Rodenburg.

Apart from her film career, Ms. Cheung is an experienced writer whose work has appeared in Hong Kong publications such as Ming Pao Weekly, Sing Tao Newspaper, and East Week. Her weekly syndicated column addresses topics such as fashion and career advice, as well as offering lifestyle commentaries and relationship insights. Additionally, she owns and operates Teresa, a Hong Kong boutique that specializes in little-known cult fashion labels and travels to fashion hubs such as Paris and Milan to handpick desirable labels.