Terric Blair

Terric Blair's Company Will Produce Film

About Terric Blair

Terric J. Blair is an Atlanta area guitarist with more than 11yrs. of experience in the music industry. He began his professional career in May of 2000, working as a freelance studio musician. A musician and songwriter, Terric J. Blair would record with other bands and individuals, contributing his guitar playing to the production of their CDs.

In 2005, Mr. Blair decided to expand his artistic horizons with the creation of BlueHawk 1540 Pictures. He serves as the CEO of the company, which specializes in movie script writing, music scoring, and filming. The business’ current project is a venture capital funded film entitled (Blood Crushed Altar). BlueHawk 1540 Pictures is also collaborating with recording artists, The (Bolton Brothers), producing a single for their new CD.

When not producing music or movies, Terric J. Blair works with charities to feed and clothe the homeless. He also enjoys riding sport bikes and sky diving. He is pursuing studies at the Atlanta Institute of Music.

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