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Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes knows that he has learned countless tips and tricks throughout his forty-year career in the real estate industry. When you spend forty years in anything, you will find that you will know more than those who dabble in your expertise. The commercial real estate industry is not one that can be easily jumped into, which is why Terry Baltes took time to educate himself in the industry and earned a license before starting his business Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd. However, Baltes knows there many that are looking for commercial real estate, and he offers advice to those people.

Much goes on in the commercial real estate world when selling a property, but what Terry Baltes has seen is that nothing truly matters until there is a deal on the table. What will also help greatly is having someone who is motivated to sell the property. Sellers who are not motivated will not be willing to negotiate the price of the property, as they should. A motivated seller can make the difference in a property that sits or a property that sells.

When evaluating properties, Terry Baltes Terry Baltes suggests using a variety of avenues to estimate the value and the situation of the property. The internet is a huge aid, and many people check internet findings, however alone it does not suffice. Classified ads may seem old school, but they are a great way to see exactly what is needed in the area. Another way is investing in real estate “bird dogs.” Bird dogs are those who know the real estate world and market well, and will aid in finding investment properties that are worth the money.

Tips for Entering the Commercial Real Estate Business

Terry Baltes

Terry Baltes has been in the commercial real estate business for nearly forty years and often gives tips for those who are looking for commercial real estate. The whole idea of getting into acquiring a commercial property is making an investment that will produce a return that will, hopefully, be a profit. There is no point in acquiring a property that will produce little to no revenue and more importantly a negative profit. Making a purchase is acquiring property and is potentially worthless. Making an investment is earning a return profit, which is something entirely different. Do not get caught up in owning property. Terry Baltes knows that some people want to simply own property, but that mentality can make an investor run out of money.

Terry Baltes likes to inform people that properties do not always last forever. Over time, as an investor, more money will have to be put into the property. The upkeep of a building costs money. To leave the building as it is, will cost more money in the end when it could become hazardous for people to be inside of it. Make sure that the building goes through the necessary phases of development regularly in order to keep the property lasting longer.

Many investors get caught up in the thrill of investing. Terry Baltes has seen people buy many properties and not spend enough time with each one and thus lose them all in one way or another. Focusing on one investment at a time helps avoid that type of mistake. Terry Baltes lets investors know that each deal is going to need their undivided attention until they get going and run on their own.

The Success of Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd.

Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd., has a successful history like any other. Terry Baltes, the founder, President and Founder of the company, has achieved great success throughout the forty years of his career and of his company. First founding his company in 1977, Baltes achieve his Ohio real estate license just before starting the commercial real estate company. From that point on, there has only been consistently great success for the company and Terry Baltes. Through his vision, leadership and tactical approach to the industry has allowed him and his company to amass over four billion dollars in overseen commercial property transactions.

The complication of contacts on the exhaustive list that Baltes Commercial Realty has deserves some credit for the success of Terry Baltes. The Investor relationship that the company creates and maintains is all on a comprehensive list of buyers and sellers looking into the commercial real estate property industry. The company has a focus of Eastern United States, however, their contact list is nationwide. They have built relationships with contacts at the local, regional and national level. Through their contacts, Terry Baltes and his team of professionals are able to gain maximum exposure for the properties of their clients.

Terry Baltes back by his team of brokers and realtors at Baltes Commercial Realty are dedicated to finding the right buyer that is qualified and ready to invest in their client’s property. They have a proven record that is tried and true and filled with success. Terry Baltes is ready to help you find with your commercial real estate needs.

1. Dayton Area Board of Realtors

They Dayton Area Board of Realtors is the professional membership organization for residential and commercial real estate agents, in the Dayton, Ohio area. They ensure that their professional members work in an ethical and professional manner via a code of ethics. Additionally, they also provide continuing education services to real estate agents so that realtors can provide better services, and practice in a manner that is beneficial to buyers and sellers.

Besides providing educational opportunities to their members, the Dayton Area Board of Realtors also provides services to the public. They provide resources to find homes, open houses, and commercial properties and provide means of contact to Realtors. They provide an essential link between the public and the professional industry of real estate by getting their members in touch with potential clients, and ensuring that the public deals with and is served by professional and skilled real estate agents.

Terry Baltes is a local businessman in the Dayton, Ohio area. He is the founder, owner, and current manager of Baltes Commercial Reality, a real estate agency that he opened in 1977. Since then, he has sold over $4 billion worth of real estate property and more hotels than any other person in the entire Midwest. Terry graduated from the Ohio State University in 1972 with a triple major in finance, marketing, and real estate. He parlayed all three of his majors to create a successful business that thrives off of providing excellent real estate services by using good marketing skills and providing excellent financial advice to their customers. He is a member of the Dayton Area Board of Realtors and has been since 1973. The Dayton Area Board of Realtors has aided his business, but most importantly has aided his clients.

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