Terry Drayton

Co-Founder & Managing Member

About Terry Drayton

Serial entrepreneur Terry Drayton has founded several companies in various industries over the last quarter century, most recently launching Storrage Inc., an offsite physical storage company with pick-up and drop-off services. He founded his first company, Spring Valley Water Corporation, in 1986, and oversaw its subsequent merger with a competitor to become Laurentian Spring Valley. He then founded a second bottled water company, Aquaterra, which acquired Laurentian Spring Valley in 1996. Terry Drayton then left the bottled water industry on a high note, selling Aquaterra to Dannon and freeing himself to pursue new entrepreneurial endeavors.

Terry Drayton has demonstrated similar business acumen in his many subsequent entrepreneurial ventures. Un-phased by the inevitable setbacks that come with starting a company, he has shown both determination and adaptability when confronting disappointments. For instance, he founded the company Votocracy in 2011 to integrate various forms of social media into a comprehensive tool that could be utilized by political candidates during their campaigns. The product has gone through several redesigns and has not yet been widely adopted, but Terry Drayton is already planning for the 2014 election cycle, when he plans to make Votocracy yet another one of his entrepreneurial successes.

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