What to Do in Wellington

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, is located at the southernmost tip of the northern island, right off the water of the Cook Strait. Wellington is an area that is rich in the country’s culture and has a number of places for tourists to visit. There is so much to do within the city; and there is also access to a number of natural, beautiful areas in the region.

Wellington has a large waterfront area that is characterized by boutique restaurants, clean parks and a large aquarium right next to the water. There are surfing beaches in the area, as well as a local skate park for the days that there are no waves.

One o the most popular attractions in Wellington, besides the capitol building and waterfront, is the port that takes hundreds of people to the southern island of New Zealand on a daily basis. For a small fee, people can hop aboard the ferry and go see what is known as New Zealand’s most scenic island.

Wellington is a beautiful city that is surrounded by a number of pristine areas with bed and breakfasts that are often done cottage-style on a farmer’s land, making it a perfect spot for a honeymoon or romantic getaway in the hills. Otherwise, you can always head into the city centre for a metropolitan vacation that also yields many perks.

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Islands in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful place to be. Its islands are also beautiful and attractive. Major islands in Hawaii includes:

  • Island Of Niihau
  • An exclusive island, with domesticated animals raising as its chief industry. There is exceedingly constrained access by overall population through helicopter arrivals at uninhabited locales.

  • Island Of Kauai
  • The fourth biggest of the Hawaiian Islands.

  • Island Of Oahu
  • The island of Oahu draws a larger number of guests than whatever other to Hawaii. 33% of the state's best surfing shorelines are on Oahu.

  • Island Of Maui
  • The island is home to numerous popular attractions including Haleakala Crater, the old whaling town of Lahaina, the street to Hana, and Kaanapali Beach.

    Haleakala Crater, is the world's biggest torpid fountain of liquid magma.

  • Island Of Molokai
  • Molokai Ranch Wildlife Park is home to uncommon African and Indian creatures.

    The island contains the world's most elevated ocean bluffs, Hawaii's longest waterfall, and the biggest white sand shoreline in the state.

  • Island Of Lanai
  • The island of Lanai is viewed as Hawaii's most isolated.

    The island was at one time the home of the world's biggest pineapple plantations.

  • Island Of Kahoolawe
  • Once utilized as an objective by the U.S. Naval force and Air Force the administrations are cleaning up unexploded shells. Nobody is permitted to go shoreward without authorization. The island comprises of an uninhabited territory of 45 square miles.

  • The Big Island Of Hawaii
  • The Big Island is Hawaii's biggest at 4,038 square miles. It is double the span of all other Hawaiian Islands consolidated.

    Hawaii is a home to numerous dignitaries including Terry Hay of Auckland who even after his recent retirement remains a business tycoon.

    Successful Entrepreneurs: What They Have in Common

    There is a common misconception when it comes to successful entrepreneurs. Many believe that only the overachieving, extrovert, Type-A personalities are the ones to launch successful business ventures. That it is the straight-A students that have the capacity to take the leap and head out on their own. The truth, however, is that it is more often the C students who become the entrepreneurs. One thing is for certain; the best entrepreneurs share common characteristics, which are essential to finding success.

    Starting a business is like competing in the Ironman triathlon, you have to be committed and have the determination to see it to the end. You have to be able to push through obstacles and live with uncertainty for years. Entrepreneurs who can avoid giving into the pressure have a better chance of finding their groove and outlasting their mistakes.

    Successful entrepreneurs are often seen as being in it for the money. However, what drives them is their passion for what they are doing. Having the passion that is based on their company’s specific mission is a genuine drive that provides them the internal reward they need to sustain them until their next payday. This also brings about the ability to withstand the fear of uncertainty and of potentially failing.

    Terry Hay of Auckland is one of the many people that embodies the many characteristics that embody an entrepreneur. For the last 37-years, Terry has started several successful companies in Hawaii and New Zealand before eventually retiring in 2008.

    Why You Need a Business Plan When Starting Your Own Business

    If you don’t have a business plan that outlines the over-arching goals and plans for your new business, you could end up failing before you even make your first sale. Without a plan, you are eventually left rudderless, drifting aimlessly from day-to-day, reacting haphazardly to daily activities and becoming reactive to obstacles rather than proactively maneuvering around them. This is in stark contrast to those businesses that are implementing a well thought out plan and reaping the rewards.

    A business plan is a roadmap that is designed to aid you in managing your business more effectively. You can better understand your business and come up with specific actions that will need to accomplish your goals and improve your business. With these in place, you will have an easier time securing funding from external sources if needed and help to support the growth of your company.

    Writing a business plan and continually updating can provide your company with the chance to assess future opportunities and decide on a course of action to take advantage of these opportunities, while also helping to manage the company’s cash flow. Many businesses fail because they become insolvent. A well thought out business plan will help you manage your funding requirements before they are needed.

    The final reason you need a business plan if you are starting a business is to have an exit strategy. Having an exit strategy planned in advance can help you to stay informed and direct you in current decisions. Terry Hay Auckland successfully sold three businesses that he started and ran over the last 37-years. Finally moving back to Hawaii in 2008 to enjoy retirement.