Culinary Treats Found on The Island of Hawaii

How to be Professional

Terry says that this is because he knows that if he passes on this mode of thought and philosophy to his employees, that they will in turn improve their general quality of life. Terry says that conducting yourself in a professional manner is important because it gives you a certain level of consistency that people come to rely on. He says that it always makes him happy when he sees one of his employees embrace this ideology and become a true professional. He says that he has faced his fair share of trials and tribulations over the course of his career that have changed his perspective time and time again. What Terry has learned over the course of his career as a business owner is that no matter what, even when the chips are down and you feel as if you are going down a dark path, that you have to stay diligent and professional. Terry has been his own business owner for many years now, overcoming several different challenges that have made him into the man he is today. Being consistent in the business world is essential for success, because consistency leads to trust, and trust in a customer is how you build a customer base and repertoire that will ultimately lead to customer loyalty.

Terry Hay Hawaii says that being professional is not just about how you dress, but your general behavior, including being prompt and on time, as well as conducting yourself in a way that gives you a good image. Terry says that professionalism has been one of the main reasons that he has been as successful as he has. Terry Hay of Hawaii says that he has often stressed to his employees the importance of conducting themselves in a professional manner.

Hawaii is a great place to go on vacation, which is why thousands of international guests go every year whether it be for a family get away or romantic honeymoon, or just to relax and soak in the sun and gentle breezes. Hawaii has adapted a culture all it's own throughout the years when it comes to food, mixing a little American, Japanese a taste of Polynesia all together. When it comes to staple dishes found on the island it would be BBQ and Seafood, which are featured at most restaurants in the area.


Hawaiian BBQ is much different than the typical Texas BBQ style found in the states. Hog is usually the featured choice of meat in BBQ, but beef and fis are pften incorporate as well. In Hawaii, the pig is normally skewed over an open flame and rotated as it cooks, rather than cooked in a smoker. It will normally be served on a bed of white rice and accompanied by a scoop of macaroni salad or tossed salad, is a large platter of grilled meat or chicken, sweet-and-tangy from a marinade of shoyu, sugar, and fresh garlic and ginger. It’s often called Hawaiian barbecue sauce—or teriyaki sauce.


Seafood is another frequently found dish on the island being that Hawaii is surrounded by nothing but water. You can find some of the freshest catches every day of the week. Wahoo and red snapper are two of the island favorites, but there is a variety to choose from and the preperation tends to be different. The Japanese culture lends its way to dishes such as sashimi or you can just enjoy a seasoned grilled filet.

Terry Hay of Hawaii loves that there is so many cultures blended into the Hawaiin landscape. He is the owner of a well-known food franchise on the island.

Small Business Best Practices

In the United States, it is perceived that corporations keep the economy going strong, but that is a fallacy. Although major corporations play a critical role in the economy, they feed off of small businesses, stimulated tax breaks, and commerce. A small business is the most critical component of the sustainability of the economy in America. Although SMB and Enterprise sized companies must both co-exist, the SMB sized company can exist in smaller communities without hindrance from larger corporations.

The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that companies under 49 companies account for 40% of the total job growth in the US. This study came in 2013 and has since increased in number. 41% were attributed to larger companies with five hundred or more employees. The smaller business model accounts for a larger portion of job creation in the United States economy. It may come as a surprise to learn that there is no clear definition of what deems a business to be considered small. Employee size, revenue sales, and the market may play a role in that definition. Small and medium sized business make up for the larger percentage of retail employers in the United States.

Terry Hay Hawaii received his degree in Economics from the University of California where he graduated in 1971. After graduating, he moved to Hawaii where he started a small health food distribution business that only employed two people. In 1987, he sold the business with roughly 40 employees. His business was amongst the top 250 gross earning businesses in the state.

Employees that Innovate

The best employees are confident, focused and determined to succeed. They are reliable in nature, consistently great at their jobs and always looking for new ways to innovate. Inspiration can be a gift given and also a gift lost in a matter of words. Inspiration must be nurtured and developed into a greater effort by every employee involved on the team. Employees that are confident and inspired will be the biggest contributors to the innovation of the product and service quality. All successful people are driven and focused on innovation. This characteristic of the drive is common amongst the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and employees. The drive is often mistaken with the obsession of success. Drive is quite the opposite, drive is a quality that only the determined, and thick skinned obtain. They can handle the downfalls, the drop-offs, the let downs and the major disappointments while bouncing back strong and creating new innovative solutions to address real world problems. Great ideas are just ideas, but a great idea shared and developed can truly make all the difference in the world.

If you are to discover the key qualities to be innovative then you are harboring an environment for groundbreaking thinkers. Therefore with that unique mix of talent and momentum you obtain the golden ticket to success. By bringing in highly successful candidates and mobilizing a high-quality team you almost guarantee a win.

Terry Hay Hawaii has always had the strongest work ethic but has spent his years learning to work smart and nimble. By expanding his business exponentially and creating a super intelligent team of innovative thinkers he became one of the top 250 businesses in Hawaii.