How to Be Successful in Food

In order to do well in any field, one must follow the example of successes that came before them, like in the instance of our expert entrepreneur, who opened his very own flight catering business."Gate Gourmet is the best of the best when it comes to airline catering, so we were very excited by the offer," one critic observed. Gate Gourmet provides a full range of catering services to the airline industry. He was grateful to be involved in the sale process, as he had many valuable insights that helped to formulate a decision on the offer. Gate Gourmet and Pacific Flight Catering have already experienced mutual benefits from the sale. As for our expert, he is able to rest easy knowing that his former company is now in good hands. He knew that he still wanted to be involved in certain company dealings. He had guided Pacific Flight Catering to greater profitability during his twelve years of service, so it was hard for him to leave the company completely.

The company started out as a food and beverage supplier, but has since expanded to cover the areas of in-flight entertainment, cleaning services, airplane maintenance, and other support. The company purchased Pacific Flight Catering in 2013. As such, he was made aware of the sale offer by Gate Gourmet early on in the process. "But we always managed to make it through." By the time he retired, he had led the company out of its deficit into better profits and increased overall success. "Pacific Flight Catering had some rough patches, like most catering companies in the field," he recalls. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company is the biggest independent airline catering company in the world, serving both large and small airlines.

Terry Hay of New Zealand had purchased Pacific Flight in 1996 and served as CEO until his retirement in 2008.For Terry Hay of New Zealand, retiring was a difficult choice, but a necessary one.

Benefits of Travel

One story says that women who only vacation every six years or less are at greater risk for having a heart attack or coronary death, compared with those women who vacation at least two times a year.
The benefits of traveling are almost immediate for both genders. Our own expert is doing a lot of traveling in his retirement. In the most literal sense, traveling means getting from point A to point B. There are scientific studies that show that traveling has the benefit of making you healthier, at least in the short term: the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, along with the United States Travel Association, released a study that showed men who don't take a vacation at least once a year have a twenty percent greater chance of suffering a fatal heart attack, and about a thirty percent greater chance of developing heart disease. It's much the same for women. And in that sense most of us travel each and every day: on our way to school or work or to the grocery store.

When we talk about traveling, we usually mean going somewhere far away or off the beaten path; it means a vacation, and getting away from your usual surroundings into a place that is different, maybe even foreign and exotic. After traveling for just a day or two, eighty-nine percent of those who were asked said they saw a significant reduction in their level of stress. The study also showed that most Americans put traveling on the list of things they want to do once they retire, and that trips taken with family and friends are those that have the greatest impact on their well-being.

Terry Hay of New Zealand is a businessman who has retired twice: first after selling a successful business at the age of forty, and again after founding a new business, selling it, buying an existing one and running it for twelve years.

The Lifestyle of an Entrepreneur

So you want to be an entrepreneur, right? It is not an easy task, so don’t take the challenge lightly. It isn’t a one-stop improvement to the financial aspect of your life, taking zero effort and a free train to prosperity. For many people all over the world, the life of an entrepreneur is perceived as easy, and event that takes place with little effort and instantly changes the living condition of that person. It is seen as an easy road, a magic game that can be played with the right conditions and the greatest and more revolutionary idea known to man.

Unfortunately this is not the life of an entrepreneur, nor is it as easy and approachable as people believe. Those who wish to pursue the journey of an entrepreneur must become one, and must optimize their mindset and their personality to fit the needs of a business genius, creating the expertise and the determination to get things done and create golden businesses.

One business is not enough for the lifestyle-entrepreneur. Terry Hay New Zealand started business in both New Zealand and Hawaii, after attempting to retire from his first successful business. These people are not seeking an easy way out, or the fame and fortune that is publicized with being an entrepreneur. These business gurus are seeking a passion, and that passion is creating value to the world with their ideas and inventions. It takes the skill and the dedication to push through the ideas of others and make their idea the best. If you want to be an entrepreneur, than become one, and stop expecting it to come to you.

What Veterans Have to Say About War

The military is a game of honor and convincing those who serve that they made a difference in the process. For most youth, there is a lot of hype about the blood and gore that comes with war. The purpose behind the war is emphasized, and these young cadets do everything in their power to motivate themselves and give it their all for the sake of the cause, and for the sake of the experiences that are to come. However, those that are experienced in fighting, and know the hardships and sights that come with it, understand the real components that should be taken from the fighting.

Veterans hold a much different perspective about the wars that they’ve been through, much different than that of their next generation fighters on the lines today. While the youth of most soldiers leaves their inexperience to bring a mystery and excitement to fighting, veterans know all too well what goes on during a battle, and they understand that there is nothing to get excited about. Young soldiers have not experienced the trauma that happens during wartime, while veterans hold lifelong scars that they carry from the battles they fought to serve their country.

However, veterans do appreciate the experiences that these battles gave them. While it may be traumatic and often sad, the events that took place put them in a place of need for responsibility and initiative, and many veterans return to their country prepared for bigger and better things. Terry Hay New Zealand is a former Marine, and was a veteran during the Vietnam War. The experiences that he held in his mind helped him become the serial entrepreneur that he is today, starting businesses in both New Zealand and Hawaii. Because of the experiences that veterans go through, they become better people, and more understanding of the real reason behind war.