this is my self portrait. i chose this picture because it was the day i found out when i get my braces off.
this picture makes me smile because it was on Easter and its my favorite holiday.
I chose this picture because it has all the colors of the rainbow.
This was a dinner i had at a restaurant in Boston.
This is the picture i chose for high angle because i took it on the bridge.
i chose this picture for low angle because it it me and my friend and the camera was laying almost flat on the ground.
I chose this for what i woree today because it was what i wore on my birthday.
i chose this for black and white because it was a picture of my shoes when i was on the train to Washington, DC
I chose this for a mess because the bushes are really overgrown and messy.
This is a picture of my hands that i chose because i had all my jewlery on.
I'm going to miss the school and that's why i chose this picture.
i chose this picture because it shows the ocean right before we are going to have a storm.
I chose this picture for sunset because the sky had really pretty colors.
i chose this picture because the water and the sky were really awesome colors.
I chose this picture of my shoes because the water looked really pretty and my shoes were shiny.
i chose this picture because i made the pipe pretty with flowers.
i chose this picture because these are my BFF's
i chose this picture because i used to climb this tree when i was little.
I chose this picture because it is from a distance and the statue of liberty is bigger than i expected.
my dad is my hero because he is always there for me.

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2 years ago

Nice work Grace! My favorite photo is your shoes, what a cool angle! Good luck next year!