Protect Your Head!


It is placed on the head of the penis and then rolled the rest of the way down the phallus until it reaches the base of the shaft.

Duration of Use

A condom is to be used only once, never multiple times. It is to be used before the beginning of the sexual act. It is to be put on only at the start of a partial or full erection.

Male Or Female

Condoms are typically used for men to wear, but there are deviations that women use.


The fertilaztion stage is stopped before it even beginnings the condom prevents any semen or sperm from entering the females vagina after or during sexual intercourse.

Side Effect

There are some side effects to the use of condoms but not many, these include:

*Pregnancy Risk

*Latex Allergy

*Risk of STDs

*Partner Resistence

Protection Against STDs

Condoms do protect against sexually transmitted diseases but are not 100% effective, they help protect against damaging viruses like HIV and AIDS.

Effectiveness at preventing pregnancy

Condoms are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, which is the highest percentage next to abstinence of preventing both pregnancy and STDs.

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