Texan Math News

December 2014 Edition


Whew! First semester is almost over and boy have we been busy! Let's push through to the end in SUCCESS!

Check out some of the snapshots I've captured of y'all in action! (Always armed with my camera :-))

What's happenin'?

12/8 - Math PAP Vertical Teaming at Davila Middle School 4:30 - 6:30

12/10 - DMS Christmas Party

12/11 - DMS Spelling Bee during 1st period in the "Texan Room"

12/16-12/19 FINAL EXAMS (See Final Exam Schedule Below)

Winter/Christmas Break
December 22 - January 2

Whatcha teachin'?

Lesson plan submission dates have been REVISED. See below for submission dates for 4th six weeks. (The highlighted portion is what will be reviewed NEXT FRIDAY.)

Lesson plans for the following weeks should already be in Eduphoria:

  • December 1-December 5
  • December 8-December 12
  • December 15-December 19


Lesson Plan Expectations:

What NON-NEGOTIABLES are to be in EVERY lesson plan?

  • Content ("I Can") AND Language Objectives ("I Will")
  • ACE Strategies
  • Key Questioning
  • Academic Vocabulary

**If feedback was given, the plans in the Individual Planner are to reflect any modifications/changes recommended. **

Lesson plans are to uploaded into your "Individual Planner" in Eduphoria the Wednesday PRIOR to the week the lessons will be taught.

RTI Update

Here's what we've covered so far in our RTI intervention time:

6th Grade: Fraction/Decimal Conversions, +/- Fractions and Mixed Numbers, Order of Operations, Prime Factorization

7th Grade:  Fraction/Decimal/Percent Conversions, Similar Figures, Proportional Reasoning, Percent Applications

8th grade: Scale Factors, Similar Figures, Pythagorean Theorem


Teachers should be adding at least 5 new vocabulary terms EVERY week, and should be referencing them throughout the lesson.


  • It is a CAMPUS & DISTRICT EXPECTATION for Word Walls to be UP and UPDATED in all classrooms.
  • Word Walls should be cumulative of concepts/units previously taught and being taught currently.
  • Vocabulary included on the word walls should be referred to daily, throughout your lesson(s).

Strategies for Teaching Academic Vocabulary (covered in PLC)

  • Word Wall Centers (Spin-A-Word)
  • Plickers
  • Paraphrasing Pyramid
  • Compare-Contrast using Venn Diagram

Upcoming PLC Dates

12/11: PLC "Academic Vocabulary"

  • Bring 15 samples of student work showing their knowledge of academic vocabulary

12/18: NO PLC

Get "ACEd"

Here are some of the ACE strategies we've learned so far in PLC. This section will be updated as we continue to dig deeper into ACE!

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