Sports & Entertainment Marketing Final Project

By. Alec McKenzie

  • Movie Poster Evaluation: 2012

The given movie poster of the movie 2012 is a very good example of proper entertainment marketing in which it gives a general idea of what the movie's about while not completely giving away the storyline. It clearly shows a tsunami of cataclysmic proportions coming over a string of mountains which suggests that it may be about an apocalyptic conclusion or climax. Since the title of the movie is 2012 when the movie came out in 2009, the movie may be about events that occurred in that year which would lead to a what happens in the poster. With the shocking imagery of a giant tidal wave as an attention getter, people will wonder what happens next and how it happened which will give the incentive to go and see the film. The bold lettering and contrasting colors makes the title stand out which is also an effective attention grabber. With all of these elements assembled accordingly, this is a fair example of a good movie poster.

  • Movie Trailer Evaluation: Lone Survivor

The movie trailer for "Lone Survivor" is well designed because it follows most of the popular strategies for creating a movie trailer which include showing some of the footage from the beginning of the film to see how the storyline is setup. The primary target market for this trailer would be those that enjoy intense action and war movies, so there are clips mixed into the trailer that show parts of the main fight that goes on, attracting a specific audience. The plot was well outlined despite the title of the movie giving away the ending. The trailer showed how the conflict started and what resulted in their decision but left enough gaps to make people want to still see what happens. Even though the outcome of the movie is obvious, most people will wonder how everything plays out. The general feel that is given from this movie is a sense of brotherhood amongst those who fight along side each other in the military with a small amount of comedy between the characters. These emotions makes the audience root for the main characters and get into the story. For all of these reasons, this video is a good example of a well constructed teaser trailer.

TV idea & marketing plan

"The Last of Us" would be a television show placed in the beginning of a revolution within the nation of Britainia, which consists of 2/3 of the Earth's land and over half of the population. The main character would be the leader of the rebellion and a former loyalist to the Britainian monarchy. The rebellion would take place in a smaller island nation after the Britainian empire invaded them for their resources. The show "The Last of Us" would be featured on a well-known television network that has many successful shows. The marketing plan to promote this show would be to have a sneak peak into the first episode during a season or mid-season premiere of one of the network's other popular shows and encourage those to watch the premiere live instead of recording. Countdowns and contests would take place all across social media such as twitter, facebook , and Vine to get people and keep people talking about all aspects of the show. There would be interviews that talk about exclusive material you can't get anywhere else and stories about how the show was created along with what went on during its production. Excitement would build throughout the media and more people would tune in to see the pilot episode which would be the most prepared and well-produced episode out of all of the others. After the first episode, people would converse about it and hopefully encourage others to see it on the network's website.

Movie Marketing Campaign

  • 300: Rise of an Empire

A sequel to the first 300 movie, this film takes place after Leonidas and his 300 Spartan soldiers die facing an army of Persians. The main character is the new general of the Spartan army, who fights the invading Persian forces from claiming all of Greece. The marketing campaign for this film could consist of short clips of the movie on the Movie's Facebook pages along with interviews amongst the actors of the upcoming movie as well as from the previous movie to see how things are similar and different from the first 300 movie to the second. The different networks that show the trailer for the movie could have a specific target audience that the movie needs which might encourage the movie marketers to get the network to associate their movie release with another event held on their station. These events might include all action movies, or war movies for that week.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

  1. Social Media: Different social medias have become more and more popular within the last few years, and almost all shows/movies use social media to promote themselves because it's free, easy to access, and simple to use.
  2. Television: Hopefully the budget for the movie is enough to cover advertising within television programs
  3. Internet Advertising:

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